MaryEllen Welton
ESL Consultant/Accent Modification Coach/Spanish Tutor/Materials Developer

Native language: American English
Currently living in: United States

  Let me tell you about myself.

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 Study Packages for English Language Learners

      Do you need help with a particular topic in English?  Are you struggling with a certain sound in pronunciation or with a grammar lesson?     Content specific study packages  are available that will give you plenty of opportunities to practice and study.  

What is a study package?

 A study package is a composite of lessons and exercises that highlight a specific topic in English.  It is an intensive one month study designed to provide explanations, exercises and feedback for the student.  A detailed study plan is given for each y package which includes  step by step instructions for the student to follow.  With each package, students have the  opportunity to record their voices and compare them to native speaker recordings for every lesson  All study packages include a one month subscription to SpokenSkills and contain at least 15 lessons.   

What are my options if I want to purchase a study package?

There are two options when purchasing a study package.  Option one includes exercises and practices for self study as well as exercises that are uploaded and submitted to the instructor for oral feedback. Option two is a self study  where students practice on their own and there is no oral feedback from the instructor. With both options, a discount is applied when purchasing more than one package. See details below.

What is the best way to choose a study package?

The best way to choose from the packages below is to ask your English teacher what study plan would help you most.  In addition,  there are recommendations for speakers of  certain languages that might benefit from the study.  You can also make a selection by reading the descriptions.


1. Practice with Numbers   Languages: All

This intensive study covers many areas dealing with the use of numbers.  You will study how to correctly pronounce numbers, learn how to  give dates and phone numbers, listen to phone messages for listening comprehension, practice numbers in the thousands, millions, and billions and be introduced to money and how it is expressed when shopping. 


2. Minimal Pairs:  B/V (boat-vote)     Students who speak  Spanish,  Japanese, & Korean    might benefit from this study package.    

 If you have trouble distinguishing the two sounds /b/ and /v/ when speaking English, you will find this study very thorough and helpful.  You will practice with dialogs, readings, contrasts, and dictation.  The sample recordings can be downloaded to your mp3 player. 

3. Minimal Pairs:  L/R (light-right)      Languages:  Chinese, Japanese, Korean

4. Minimal Pairs: W/V (west-vest)      Languages: German, Croatian, Hebrew, Finnish, Arabic

5. Word Stress                  Languages: All


6. Minimal Pairs:  Luck/Lock    Languages:  Spanish,


7. Minimal Pairs:  Yale/jail       Languages:  Spanish 

8. The Present Perfect (GRAMMAR) 

This study package will include an explanation of  the present perfect tense and provide for you a variety of exercises to help  master it.




Option 1: (One Study Package)

  • A minimum of 12 lessons (4 assignments with teacher feedback , 8 practice lessons)
  • Study plan with step by step instructions
  • 2 month subscription to Spoken Skills
  • All lessons can be downloaded to an mp3 file.

 Cost: $40.00*

*add an additional study package for $11.50

**add an additional self study package for $4.00 (these are practice pages only and they do not include teacher feedback.)


Option 2 - One Self Study Package :

  • A minimum of 7 practice lessons - no teacher feedback  
  • 1 month subscription to Spoken Skills
  • All lessons can be downloaded to an mp3 file

Cost: $15.00**

             **add an additional (self study) package for only $2.00!


REGISTRATION:   To purchase any of the study packages, please send me an email at with the name of the  package(s) you wish to register for.  I will send you an invoice through Paypal (  Once payment is received, your enrollment to SpokenSkills will be activated and your lessons will be assigned to you.